NYSL 100k WarzoneMania All Weekend Long

NYSL 100k WarzoneMania All Weekend Long

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The New York Subliners will be hosting the first-ever NYSL $100K WarzoneMania, a Call of Duty®: Warzone tournament unlike any other. NYSL $100K WarzoneMania will be bringing together some of the biggest names from the Call of Duty® community and New York esports to compete in an all-new format integrating a live draft. The tournament will take place Dec 19 and Dec 20, so be sure to tune into both days to see the best Warzone players battle it out.

Hear from our analysts:

Our analysts JGOD, Nameless, and Boble gave our captains all the info they needed to make informed decisions, including their Top 10 picks for the best players and some of their dark horse picks in this tournament.

Meet our teams:

The draft has concluded, and our star-studded roster of captains have made their selections. Let’s meet all the teams competing in the NYSL 100k WarzoneMania tournament:

Team Attach

Former NYSL player Attach teams with ShadedStep and Aqua for the NYSL 100k WarzoneMania tournament. One of the teams floating under the radar, look for Team Attach to prove a pesky opponent, if not a dark horse in this tournament.

Team Aydan

Touted by some as the best controller battle royale player of all time, Aydan enlists Superevan and Jkap to join his team. The solo-kill-record-holder leads one of the best teams into Verdansk for WarzoneMania.

Team BobbyPoff

This trio of highly-skilled Warzone players teams together frequently, making them one of the scariest teams in the tournament. BobbyPoff, Rallied, Almxnd dominate in team chemistry, while also bringing a ton of skill and game sense to this competition.

Team Clayster

An OG roster of esports competitors who have been in the scene a while, Clayster will lead Frozone and Neslo into battle for NYSL 100k WarzoneMania. With a wealth of competitive experience and skill, expect this team to make some waves in the tourney.

Team Crimsix

An all-CDL roster headed by Crimbot himself, reigning champion Crimsix brings in Blazt and Skyz. Teamwork, gunskill and nerves of steel will be present in this team as the CDL players look to brush up on their Warzone game and excel in this tournament.

Team HusKerrs

A lot of debate among our analysts circled around whether HusKerrs deserved the number one spot on our Top 10 ranking. He fell to number two under MuTeX, but his team consisting of Joewo and Optic Jorge will definitely be contending for the top spot.

Team IceManIsaac

One of the most-skilled teams in the game, IcemanIsaac, Excachtt, and Warsz will be working against a ping obstacle with Warsz being based in EU. Nevertheless, the skill on this team is more than high enough to overcome that hurdle.

Team MissesMae

One of the biggest Facebook Gaming streamers around, MissesMae clearly did her homework as she picked up OPMarked and Call of Duty veteran Apathy for her squad. This team will be leaning on competitive experience to take them far.


UPDATE: Apathy has been replaced by FB Gaming Streamer Kvon.



Team MuTeX

The number one player in our ranking brings on his duo Biffle, along with London Ravens pro player Zer0, to his WarzoneMania team. Sure, ping may be an issue, but Biffle and MuTeX alone could potentially carry a team. This group will be scary if Zer0 can overcome the latency.

Team NuFo

Girl power (and LEGIQN) reigns supreme on Team NuFo, as the captain opted to pick Katie Bedford and content creator LEGIQN. Expect the vibes and discipline to be high on this team, even if the firepower isn’t as high as some of our other groups.

Team Pamaj

The sniper king Pamaj pulls Yungstaz for the skill and Octane for the vibes (and skill). Look for Team Pamaj to take long-distance fights with one of the best Call of Duty snipers and ARs in their group.



UPDATE: OCTANE OUT has been replaced by NAMELESS 

Team Scump

A star-studded roster of King Scump, Wagnificent and JR Smith, Team Scump will certainly be a fan-favorite heading into NYSL 100k WarzoneMania. Scump and Wag can certainly hold their own, and you can bet JR Smith will contribute all the necessary vibes.


UPDATE: JRSmith has been replaced by Optic Blake

Team Symfuhny

The memes of Symfuhny cheating will be flying as he teams with ZLaner and OceaneOPZ, both of whom also have robotic accuracy. Made of all Warzone aficionados, this group goes in as one of the favorites of the tournament.

Team Swagg

The first pick of the tournament went to Swagg, and he picked GDBooyah to team with him. Rumor has it the Warzone master leveraged his chat to get JR Smith off the board, causing TTinyy to fall to him in the last pick. This team is a heavy-hitter for sure.

Team TeePee

Hopefully the caster curse is no where to be found between Merk and TeePee, who team with Slasher for an IGL-heavy roster. An insanely level-headed and disciplined team, Team TeeP definitely has a strong team in this tournament.

Team Tfue

Unable to make it to the draft means Tfue’s fate was in the hands of the casters with regard to fielding his team. The casters did him a solid by including DougIsRaw and Newbz, both of whom can certainly hold their own in Verdansk.

Team Tommey

Somehow, the 100 Thieves Warzone roster managed to team up through the WarzoneMania Draft, as Tommey snagged Rated and Enable for his team in the tournament. Though the team is relatively new, you can expect them to be one of the most prepared teams heading into this tournament.

Team Vikkstar

The all EU roster of Vikkstar, Jukeyz and BennyCentral is one of the stronger ones in this tournament. The synergy is there, the skill is there, and you should definitely keep an eye on this group to perform near the top of the leaderboard.

Team ZooMaa

What can we say about Team ZooMaa other than this team is GOATED. The all-Subliners roster has some of the best gun skill and chemistry in the tournament, despite being a little more occupied with Cold War than Warzone at the moment.


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