Overwatch 4v4 TDM Community Tournament

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Be sure to join the Andbox Discord and add the Spring Rally role and the Overwatch 4v4 TDM role in order to stay updated with announcements, chat with fellow competitors, and play your games.

Head over to discord.gg/andbox and add the Spring Rally Game Day role by going to #add-role and clicking the graduation cap. You should see Spring Rally Game Day categories added to your view. From there, please add the Game Day Overwatch TDM role in #srgd_gameroles.

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Game and Type


Date and Time


4V4 Team

Overwatch 4v4 TDM Community Tournament Presented by KontrolFreek Rules


Teams will be randomly seeded into a double-elimination bracket. Each set will be a Bo3 except for the Grand Finals which will be a Bo5.


Check In for Tournament 

Teams will be accountable for checking in on time and be ready for a match. Check-in begins 1 hour before the first game each phase. Players are expected to warm-up before matches begin. Teams who do not have their team ready within 15 minutes of the designated start time will be dropped from the tournament.


Game settings

Each lobby must save these settings for their respective mode:


  • 4v4 Team Deathmatch Preset
  • Heroes
    1. All heroes enabled, including Echo


Map Selection

Teams will veto maps until 3 (or 5 in Grand Finals) maps are left which will be the maps for that set. First veto will be determined by a coin flip done by an admin. The team that didn’t get to veto first will pick the first map. Loser chooses the next map.  The maps eligible for play are as follows:


  1. Overwatch
    1. 4v4 Competitive
      1. Black Forest
      2. Castillo
      3. Chateau Guillard
      4. Ecopoint: Antarctica
      5. Hanamura
      6. Hollywood
      7. Dorado
      8. King’s Row
      9. Lijiang Control Center
      10. Necropolis
      11. Nepal Shrine
      12. Oasis University
      13. Petra
      14. Temple of Anubis

Reporting Scores

Teams are responsible for reporting scores to tournament admins through the #owtdm_results channel in the Andbox Discord.



Teams are capped at 6 players and will be allowed to substitute in teammates between each map. 



Teams are encouraged to seek club & school support in order to broadcast and stream their matches. Streams must have delay of at least one minute and thirty seconds. Streamed matches will be hosted on gameday.andbox.com/ where viewers will be able to tune in and watch all streams in one spot.


Professional Integrity 

Players, coaching staff, and all parties involved are expected to hold a professional attitude in their manners, play, and interactions with other teams. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from tournament if admins deem necessary.



Announcements, questions, results, and everything in between will all be communicated to Tournament Admins via Discord in the Spring Rally Category OR in person during if applicable Tournament Admins are responsible for: 


  • Check-ins
  • Issuing ruling
  • Communicating with players
  • Confirming match results and end of match



Restricted to U.S. residents only.

1st: $800

2nd: $400