Southern Skillshot: Valorant Invitational Qualifiers #2

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Southern Skillshot is hosting weekly tournaments for more competitive games to engage in, a new community to dive wide into, and a means of developing both as a player and a student. Our organization’s goal is to help mature and grow the competition so that our players are able to compete at the collegiate level. These are all under the Youth Education and Sports core principles. 

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Game and Type


Date and Time


6V6 Team
9/ 32

This tournament is part of the 4 Qualifiers that will run EACH FRIDAY for the month of April. The top 4 teams of each qualifier book their ticket to compete in the Invitational that is April 30th. Do you have what it takes?




Tournament format:


Teams of 32!

  • Best of 1 format until Grand Finals. Bo3 for Grand Finals
  • Tournament starts at 5PM EST, Check-In starts at 4:30 pm EST. Check-in your team in the discord at #tournament-check-in.  
  • Teams will use a coinflip system (Discord Bot) to choose maps. The team that gets the coin flip will choose the map, the team that loses will choose the side. In BO3s and BO5s, the winner of the coinflip will ban a map, loser choses a map, winner chooses a map, loser bans a map, last map will be a decider. The winner will choose the starting side for Map 1. 
  • Free entry, anyone can join. No rank requirements. Must be 13+ 
  • Games will be randomly chosen and streamed. 
  • There will be no in-game moderators until the Semifinals. 
  • If a dispute happens between either team without addressing the tournament organizers, both teams are disqualified.


Tournament Settings


  • Bracket Type: Single Elimination 
  • Match Type: Winner of the match will advance to next round 
  • Tie Breaker: Highest total round differential 
  • No Show Time: 15 Minutes 
  • Format: 5v5 
  • Platform: PC
  • Mode: Standard
  • Cheats: Off
  • Lobby: Custom (closed)
  • Tournament Mode: On
  • Overtime Win by Two: On
  • NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED unless it’s Tournament Staff. 


Game Rules


  • Both teams will work with each other to make sure the server selected for the match will be reasonable for all players in the lobby, if an agreement cannot be made then the coin flip winner will choose server first and then the opposing team will choose next.
  • The hosting team will then friend request and invite their opponent to the game session and begin their match. 
  • Teams must take screenshots after the game has concluded and be able to provide this info when requested. 
  • The winning team of the match is required to upload the screenshot as evidence and input the results on the Andbox Tournament page.



Streaming or Recording this Tournament is allowed. Streams MUST BE ON A 3 MINUTE DELAY IF YOU ARE STREAMING! Streaming or Recording this tournament allows Southern Skillshot to acquire and distribute all assets of the stream or records.

Disqualification Rules


Stoppage of Play

  • The game may only be paused for the following reasons:
  • Player drop
  • Player disconnect


Technical issues

Stoppage of play may be requested at any time for the above reasons. The team initiating a pause must first call the pause in chat. A pause may not be called during combat, or once the Spike has been planted. Player’s may not move around the map when a pause is in effect. Once both teams are ready, the team who paused the match will unpause it. Each team will have 5 total minutes of pause time per map. Players pause the game by pressing the Esc key and selecting “cheats” Abuse of the pause feature may result in punishment for the team abusing it.


  • In the event that a player may request a reconnect or re-host, this will only be allowed a max of one time per match. 
  • In the events that a re-host is needed, please make sure to take a screenshot of the scoreboard before ending the game. The round count will stay the same upon reconnect/re-hosting of the match. 
  • In the event of a re-host, the team that requested the re-host has a max of 5 minutes to return to the lobby or they will receive a loss for the match. Any extra time for the team to reconnect must be requested from the admin team. Granted extra time is at Admin discretion.


To report any issues, you MUST contact  M4ngo#0355, Prainex#0024, or Yuna#5583 on discord.




This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports

Top 4 teams will be invited to our Invitational on April 30th. Winning team receives $50 Lethal Gaming Gear credit.