Southern Skillshot: League of Legends Tournament #1

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Southern Skillshot is hosting a League of Legends tournament early in April. Our organization’s goal is to help mature and grow the competition so that our players are able to compete at the collegiate level. These are all under the Youth Education and Sports core principles.

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Game and Type

League of Legends

Date and Time


5V5 Team
0/ 16

League of Legends Tournament
April 10th, 2021
3:00pm EST


*Only North American players are eligible for this event.
*All players must join the Southern Skillshot Discord using the nickname they registered with:


*Check-in in the #lol-general channel ends at 2:00pm EST.


*5v5 Tournament Draft
*Summoners Rift
*Best of 1 Elimination Bracket, Finals are Best of 3.
*Ten minutes of pause time available for both teams PER ROUND. Games may be forfeited if they are not present in the match lobby 15 minutes after their opponent is ready.
*The team in the upper side of the bracket (or left side of the match page) will play the blue side. The team in the lower side of the bracket (or right side of the match page) will play the red side.

RULES (by submitting this form you agree:)

*Lobby order must be Top Lane, Jungle, Mid Lane, ADC/BOT, Support from top to bottom.
*Every team will be given the opportunity to show up to their match, we require that you be online at least 30 minutes prior to your match in order to check-in. If you are not online and checked in at that time, we will forfeit your team.
*Teams will have only 15 minutes to join the game room once it has been created. If a team doesn’t complete 5 players in this time, the team will give up one round, until a set is complete.
*If a team suffers a disconnection, the player will be given 10 minutes to reconnect to the game (the team with the disconnection can request for a pause). If they have not reconnected in that time, the team will have to continue playing without that player.
*Teams are allowed 1 substitute.
*Players will only be considered team members if they are part of the team on Andbox, before the tournament starts.
*All the players must respect The Summoner’s Code and the League of Legends terms of use, any behavior against this rule will be penalized.
*All Admin Decisions are final