Andbox VALORANT Community Open #3

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The Andbox VALORANT Community Open#3 is a free to enter and will award a pot of $500 split 80%/20% to the top 2 teams, along with a $50 bounty prize to the player who posts the best clip from the weekend with the #AndboxValorantOpen. Tournaments will feature up to 64 teams and be conducted in a single-elimination fashion. Join the Andbox Discord and add the VALORANT tag by going to #add-role and hitting the VALORANT icon to keep up to date on tournaments, news, and event day communications.

Other Tournament Dates (Registration Pages for others TBA):

July 25 @ 4:00pm ET: Registration Page Link


Any questions should be sent to

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Date and Time


5V5 Team
51/ 64

Andbox VALORANT Community Open #3 Rules

Player Registration & Eligibility

This is an open tournament. Must be on NA servers in order to participate.

Players may not play on multiple teams. Rosters lock once first round starts. Subs must be communicated to admins prior to event time.



64 Teams Max | Single Elimination | Bo1 until Bo3 Finals

Check-In: 3PM ET / 12PM PT

Round 1: 4PM ET / 1PM PT

Round 2: 5PM ET / 2PM PT

Round 3: 6PM ET / 3PM PT

Round 4: 7PM ET /4PM PT

Round 5: 8PM ET /5PM PT

Finals: 9PM ET / 6PM PT


Check In for Gameday

Teams will be accountable for checking in on time and be ready for their match. Check-in begins 1 hour before the first game in the Andbox Discord Server. Team captains are expected to be in the Andbox Discord to talk to admins and report scores. Please enter the server, go to #add-role, and hit the VALORANT icon to see the chats.

Players are expected to warm-up before matches begin. Teams who do not have their team checked-in within 15 minutes, and ready to play within 20 minutes at the designated start time will be dropped from the tournament. Please ping an admin in order to get approved. 


Game settings

Each lobby must save these settings for their respective mode:

  • Custom Game
    1. Mode
      1. Standard
    2. Tournament Mode
      1. On

No other spectators are allowed in lobby unless both sides agree upon it or it is being streamed by a verified user (established by admins).

Teams have a 5 minute pause time limit per map. Game must be resumed unless opposing team allows for a longer wait.



If both teams prefer one server, they will play that server. If a player can host on central servers, that will be mandatory. If neither of these options are possible, host of lobby will be decided by coinflip.

For finals, host of lobby will be decided by coinflip, and switches each map thereafter. Type in command !flip in the channel #valorant_coinflip in the Andbox Discord.


Map Selection

For Bo1’s (Ro64-Ro4) The higher seeded team will strike map first. The lower seeded team will strike the second map. The higher seeded team will pick the map to play on. The lower seeded team will pick side.

For finals: Team A is higher seeded team (Lower your number the higher your seed).

• Game 1: Team A picks map, Team B picks side
• Game 2: Team B picks map (cannot repeat Game 1 map), Team A picks side
• Game 3: Teams will play a knife round* to determine who gets map or side pick (winner of knife round gets to choose which of the two). The loser of the knife round will have pick on the option that the winner did not choose.

*A knife round is a single round where players can not buy/use any weapons or abilities other than their knife. Teams will fight until one team loses all of their players or a bomb has gone off. In the event that the timer expires before either of these win scenarios occur, the team with the most players still alive will win the round. To set up knife round, follow the steps below:

  1. Players load into the lobby and launch the third Map (just as they normally would)
  2. Players are prohibited to purchase any equipment, or use any abilities (except for their knife).
  3. Teams fight in the first round using only their knife until 1 team is victorious (Win condition: eliminating entire opposing team, or if time expires, the team with the most players still alive)
  4. All players leave the game using the upper left hand corner menu selection option.
  5. Players rejoin the lobby and the knife round winner chooses side for Map 3.



Teams are encouraged to seek club & school support in order to broadcast and stream their matches, or stream your personal POV. Streams must have delay of at least 1 minute and 30 seconds of delay. Streamers are encouraged to participate in the Andbox Bounty Challenge. More info in Prizing. 


Professional Integrity 

Players are expected to hold a professional attitude in their manners, play, and interactions with other teams. The exploitation of unintended bugs is off limits. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from tournament if admins deem necessary. 



Players are strictly prohibited from committing an abuse of in-game mechanics, which is defined as utilizing normal gameplay functions in an unintended manner in order to gain an unfair competitive advantage. Administration reserves the sole discretion in classifying behavior or events as an abuse of in-game mechanics.
This may include, but is not limited to:
• Gaining the ability to view the map/field of play from unintended angles, typically by clipping into environmental assets to gain “xray” vision.
• Breaking the normal boundaries of the map
• Positioning their character in unintended or insurmountable locations
• Purposefully manipulating known glitches to gain an advantage.



1. In order to contest the results of a match players must alert the administration to the issue in their match as soon as possible.
2. The burden of proof lies on the accuser, and as such the accusing team will be required to provide full and thorough video or picture evidence to support their claim.
3. Should the team fail to submit their proof in a timely manner they will lose the ability to contest the match and the tournament will proceed normally. A timely manner is defined at the sole discretion of the Administration, but may not extend to a point after the next matches for the teams involved have begun



In the event an issue arises in-game, the Administration, at its sole discretion, may classify the issue as a Major or Minor bug and take action in response.

A Major Bug can be defined as an occurrence of unintended gameplay interactions that would render the continuation of standard gameplay either impossible or to the severe competitive detriment of one or both teams. The Administration, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to make a final decision on the outcome of a game in which a Major Bug has occurred.

A Minor Bug is defined as an occurrence of unintended gameplay interactions that result in what is considered, at most, an inconvenience to players and poses no hindrance to the continuation of standard gameplay at the sole discretion of the Administration. The Administration reserves the right to make a final decision on the outcome of a game in which a Minor Bug has occurred.



Announcements, questions, results, and everything in between will all be communicated to Tournament Admins via Discord. Tournament Admins are responsible for: 

  • Check-ins
  • Issuing ruling
  • Communicating with players
  • Confirming match results and end of match


Tournament Admins:





This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.

1st Place: $400

2nd Place: $100

Andbox Bounty: $50 – Players are encouraged to stream and post highlights of the best play they’ve made during the tournament. The player who made the best play in the clips submitted will receive $50 (“Best Play” subject to opinion and will be selected by Andbox Staff). In order to enter, use the three ASSETS (linked) as a slideshow source via your broadcasting software, then post on either Twitter or Instagram as a post and tag @andbox_official using #AndboxBounty.


*Payment will be distributed within 30 days of tournament concluding. Players will be required to submit an invoice & W9 in order to fulfill their prizing.