Andbox Game Day Streams April 25 at 11 am ET!

Does your school have what it takes to win $17,000?

Vote for YOUR college to compete in the 2020 Andbox Spring Rally, a collegiate esports tournament that will pit the best teams against each other across three tournaments: a 32-team Overwatch bracket of colleges in the Northeast, an eight-team Call of Duty Gunfight Bracket of colleges in the Northeast, and an additional Overwatch bracket that will feature schools all across the nation. 

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Voting is open right now

until April 16, and the schools with the most votes in each tournament will enter play-in brackets on April 18. The next day, April 19, we will play through the bracket until we get to the final four teams for NE Overwatch and Call of Duty, as well as the entire national Overwatch tournament until we have a national champion. Finally, on April 25, the remaining four teams in each competition will battle it out during our Andbox Game Day event to see who will be your Spring Rally Champions.

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through the Aim Lab Extra Shot. Sign up for the ultimate training course by following these steps:
1) Download at
2) Register an account
3) Enter your voted school’s referral code (find it here)
4) Take one of any of the courses in Aim Lab

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Important Dates:

  • March 9-April 16: Campaign Period
  • April 18-19: Online Play 
  • April 25: Finals

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