Spring Rally 2020 Recap

Spring Rally 2020 Recap

In many ways, Andbox Spring Rally 2020 was bigger than ever. With many events being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students, players, casters and viewers joined together to help us put on a multitude of events that all helped make Andbox Game Day a success. We responded by not only carrying out our initial Spring Rally Northeastern Overwatch tournament but by expanding it to include schools across the country, while also hosting the world’s first collegiate VALORANT tournament. On top of that, we provided community tournaments for all to join throughout the day, gave esports experts a voice in our panels to help teach aspiring professionals guidance, and much more.

Here’s a recap of the day’s events:

Spring Rally 2020 Tournament Champions

At the end of the Spring Rally voting period, we amassed over 10,000 votes from students all rallying to get their schools into the tournament. Schools campaigned for extra votes through the “Aim Lab Extra Shot”, each school with their own referral code to give students an extra means of voting. The schools with the most votes not only got a chance to compete, they also won the Corsair Community Award along with a suite of corsair products for their clubs.

We kicked off the action with our Spring Rally Call of Duty Tournament, a 2v2 gunfight bracket consisting of the best colleges in the Northeast region. Many odd loadouts were used, quick scopes were had, 725s were abused, but at the end of the day, one team emerged victorious. After a dominant final between Pace University and Rutgers Esports, Rutgers was crowned your first ever Spring Rally Call of Duty champions!

The Spring Rally action continued over to Overwatch, as we whittled down the Spring Rally Northeast bracket. Harrisburg University looked dominant with the help of former Overwatch League pro, Elk. They beat Rutgers University in the first round of the playoff bracket, but Rutgers fought their way through the Loser’s Bracket to rematch Harrisburg in the finals. Unfortunately for Rutgers, history repeated itself and Harrisburg won the Spring Rally Northeastern Championship.

Harrisburg’s championship earned them a spot against the University of Utah, winners of the Spring Rally Nationals. The finals went the distance, with Harrisburg edging out the national champions to become your 2020 Undisputed Spring Rally Champions.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Spring Rally and a special thanks to casters Nekkra and Beaniez for their work on Overwatch, as well as IHOLDSHIFT and Proper for Call of Duty.

First Ever Collegiate VALORANT Champions

With the launch of VALORANT coinciding with Andbox Game Day, our event staff worked quickly to incorporate the new Riot Games first-person shooter into the day of events. With that effort, the first ever collegiate VALORANT Tournament was born.

We saw a ton of genius strategies, incredible snipes through smoke, and aces all tournament long, bringing to light the plays possible as the world continues to learn and maximize each character to their full potential. Pure entertainment all the way down to the finals, on which we were happy to bring Chris Puckett and Jimmy Mondal to cast. The two seasoned casters brought the hype and excitement to the Grand Final between Mob of the Dead and Judge Judies. After going the distance, Mob of the Dead became your first ever Collegiate VALORANT Champions. Congratulations to the students of Seton Hall University, Ventura Community College, Southwestern College, Cal State Northridge, and Pasadena City College who comprised the roster for the championship team.

We’d like to thank the players for participating and extend a special thanks to Vansilli, SullyCasts, Chris Puckett and Jimmy Mondal for doing an amazing job casting.

Inspiration from our Esports Panels

After all our gameplay tournaments concluded, we conducted four hours worth of esports panels filled with advice and wisdom from experts in the industry. Topics include getting job in the gaming/esports industry after college, forging partnerships, fostering healthy game communities, and running events.

We’d like to extend a tremendous thank you to Sabrina Wong, Mina Hur, Johnathan Angers, Yugina Yun, Dominic Nguyen, Kai Mathey, Kevin He, Miranda Chhour, Richard N, Justin Banusing, Pete Melican, Zach Katterman, and our absolutely fantastic host, David Chao, for participating in these panels and sharing their knowledge with the esports industries next generation of professionals.

KontrolFreek Community Tournaments Winners

Throughout Game Day, we held Community Tournaments for all to sign up and win cash prizes. Tournaments included a 4v4 Overwatch Team Deathmatch tournament, 2v2 Call of Duty Warzone tournament, 3v3 Rocket League tournament, Teamfight Tactics single elimination bracket, League of Legends ARAM tournament, Hearthstone Conquest tournament, and an Animal Crossing Best Room Tournament. We’d like to extend a huge thank you UConn Gaming Club, TCNJ Lions Gaming, NJIT Esports, RIT Esports, and Temple Esports for helping us organize and stream these community events throughout Game Day.

With the help of many of our student leaders, we were also able to hold Dungeons and Dragons, Jackbox and Skribblio sessions for people to hop in and join throughout Andbox Game Day. Thank you Nick Grayson, and Robert Oles for your creative work hosting our Dungeons and Dragons sessions. And thank you to Hunter College and Champlain college for helping us run Jackbox and Skribblio all tournament long.

Congratulations to all our Community Tournament winners, who along with cash prizes, also won an invitation to KontrolFreek’s Esports Forge program, an invite-only program designed to support aspirational esports forge in their competitive goals through KF’s expertise, resources, and products.

Thank You

We had a blast putting on this event for you guys, and without you, none of it would’ve been possible. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to our sponsors Aim Lab, KontrolFreek, Corsair and Twitch Student whose support helped make this event possible. Thank you to everyone who tuned into the action and watched our panelists. Thank you to the players who participated through long brackets. Thank you to the casters and event staff for helping us with everything along the way. Lastly, congratulations to all of our winners. This event would not have been possible without all of you. We’ll see you next year.

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