Introducing Andbox Game Day

Introducing Andbox Game Day

We’re giving back to the community that gave us so much. 

Andbox Game Day is the culmination of Andbox’s support of collegiate esports this spring. Taking place on April 25 on Andbox’s Discord, as well as being broadcast LIVE on Twitch, Game Day is a celebration of the collegiate gaming community and beyond as it comes together to watch the Spring Rally Finals, play the games they all love, learn from the brightest and best in the industry, and more! The schedule can be found here and full list of programming is below:

Andbox Game Day Schedule

Full Andbox Game Day Schedule HERE

Witness the Spring Rally Championships

The premier regional collegiate esports tournament concludes as new champions are crowned in both Call of Duty and Overwatch. To top it all off, the champions of both the National and Northeast Spring Rally Divisions will face-off to settle the score and determine the undisputed Spring Rally Overwatch Champion. You can catch all the action thanks to the stream provided by Rutgers Esports on Twitch.

  • Spring Rally Call of Duty Finals
  • Northeast Spring Rally Overwatch Finals
  • Undisputed Spring Rally Overwatch Championship

The First Ever Collegiate Valorant Tournament

Andbox is proud to be hosting the first ever VALORANT collegiate tournament as part of our Spring Rally and Game Day, starting April 24. We will be giving 64 college teams across the nation the opportunity to go head-to-head in the newest, groundbreaking tactical shooter that’s been smashing online viewership records. The school that wins the tournament will go home with their share of the $2,000 prize pool and go down in history as the world’s first VALORANT collegiate champions

Be sure to tune into our Twitch stream for Andbox Game Day April 25 at 12 pm ET, where we will have VALORANT beta drops enabled as you witness history in the making!


Join KontrolFreek Community Tournaments

In recognition of the extraordinary challenges that have been impacting, among others, college students across the nation, Andbox has teamed up with local colleges to run 7 community tournaments to give anyone the opportunity to compete in the games they love for cash and KontrolFreek product. All competition will take place on the Andbox Discord and be broadcast live on Twitch here.

  • Tournament #1 — Overwatch 4v4 Team Deathmatch

  • Tournament #2 — Call of Duty Warzone Competition 2v2

  • Tournament #3 — Rocket League 3v3

  • Tournament #4 — Teamfight Tactics

  • Tournament #5 — League of Legends ARAM

  • Tournaments #6 — Hearthstone Conquest

  • Tournament #7 — Animal Crossing Best Room Contest

    • Rules: Take a snapshot/video of your Animal Crossing: New Horizons room and post on social media with #AndboxRoom to enter. Unlimited entries per contestant.
    • Winner will be chosen by judges from the Andbox Social Media team. You may begin submitting immediately and entries will be closed April 25th at 11:59PM ET.
    • Prize Pool: $500

We’re doing more than competition on Game Day – anyone can join in on the fun with these games on the Andbox Discord.

  • Dungeons & Dragons

    • Enjoy a custom made one-shot campaign specifically for Game Day. Here’s the plot:

Seasons change and with spring snow melt comes celebrations of the warm months ahead. Most nights, the town of Shimston is safe. Most nights, it is quiet, too. Tonight, however, the town of Shimston is bustling as Blossomfest is finally here! Last year’s festival was canceled from late winter rains but this year, the weather is clear and the food stores have lasted quite well through the winter. There is feasting and singing and dancing and all manner of revelry! All the farmers from the outskirts come up the road to the town square! All the children, wide-eyed and cheery-cheeked! It is a celebration of togetherness and family. But all is not well.

When everyone has had their fill and all the children are safely tucked in their beds, a great crashing thunder echoes through the town. Glass shattering, walls breaking, the snapping of bones. Townsfolk peer from behind closed curtains and barred doors yet see nothing. The sounds came from the town square and in the morning, they will see the ransacked food stores and the shattered glass of the temple window.

It is with the utmost importance, and utmost opportunity, that this mystery is solved. Some are drawn by the chance to prove themselves, some are drawn by the town’s reward – which are you?

  • Free Play Games

    • There will be game masters dedicated to running these free play games throughout the day. Everyone is welcome to drop-in and out of these games for the entirety of Game Day.
    • Games
      • Jackbox
      • Skribblio

Tune Into Our Esports Panels

Every year, thousands of passionate students pour their blood, sweat, and tears into leveling-up their gaming communities. These panels will be brought to you by Andbox and moderated by David Chao, the Project Manager for Esports and Gaming at Zero Code, who will guide you through strengthening your career and community. You can watch the panels live on Twitch here.

  • Panel #1 — Going All-In: Amateur to Professional in the Esports Industry

    • Industry professionals born and bred in collegiate esports reveal how they got into the industry, discuss their experiences before and after entering the space, and reflect on what they wish they had done better.
    • Panelists
      • Sabrina Wong – Team Operations Manager at Evil Geniuses
      • Mina Hur – University Recruiter at Riot Games
      • Johnathon Angers – Director of Partnerships at Esports Stadium Arlington
  • Panel #2 — Know Your Worth: Making College Partnerships a Win for Everyone

    • Leaders in the space give their insights on establishing long-lasting, effective collegiate partnerships through win-win scenarios and understanding the value student organizations bring to the table
    • Panelists
  • Panel #3 — Laying the Foundation: Creating a Gaming Community that Will Last Generations

    • Community veterans discuss the best ways to grow local communities on campus into regional powerhouses, teaching you how to overcome obstacles and rally and evolve your community from a fresh start to a legacy
    • Panelists
  • Panel #4 — Your Event is on Fire but It’s Fine: Hosting Great Events While Building Great Teams

    • Event organizers from across the industry come together to discuss their origins and best practices, teaching you how to run amazing events and gain valuable project management skills
    • Panelists

Tune into the Spring Rally Finals April 25

The voting period is officially closed for Spring Rally. We made it through Bracket Play and have our finalists for Andbox Game Day. Tune in April 25 to see the remaining schools go head to head for the championship!

Andbox Spring Rally School’s Page:

Also, be sure to tune in for giveaways! We will be raffling off premium Andbox gear and more awesome things provided to us from our sponsors.

We’ve got many more exciting things to share with you about Andbox Game Day as we approach April 25th. In the meantime, join the Andbox Discord to stay up to date on all Game Day updates.

This is set to be one of the biggest virtual gaming events of the year—you won’t want to miss it.

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