SBB x Andbox  –  Introducing our latest collection

SBB x Andbox – Introducing our latest collection

Welcome to the Andbox X SBB collection, a limited apparel collaboration celebrating NYXL’s team captain Saebyeolbe. In further celebration of our selfless captain, we’re proud to announce that all net proceeds from his collection will be donated to NYC Mesh, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing accessible, affordable high-speed internet to New York City.

Jong-ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park exists in this world as a beacon of purity, untainted by toxicity. A 2018 Overwatch World Cup Champion with South Korea and 2x Overwatch League Stage Champion who finished first in the regular Inaugural Season with NYXL, Saebyeolbe has represented team and country at the highest level of competition but also at the highest level of sportsmanship. 

“It’s impossible to be positive all the time, but I try to be that way,” said Saebyeolbe. “These days video games are becoming like sports and we need to have a sportsmanship mindset.”

SBB X Andbox Collection is now Available on Animal Crossing

He’s not the gamer that puts others down, he’s the gamer that reaches for his teammates’ hand and extends words of encouragement when they’re needed most. He’s not the player causing drama after the game, he inspires his team in and out of game. He doesn’t succumb to a certain way of being, because it isn’t in his nature to be anything other than kind. And all he wants is for everyone to be nice, too. As an homage to the skilled Overwatch League DPS player who has always led by example and has helped propel New York Excelsior ever upward since our inaugural season, we at Andbox are proud to introduce the SBB collection.

The SBB Collection heavily integrates visuals of cherry blossoms, a flower that blooms for a limited time every spring and symbolizes the spirit of renewal and hope, similar to that we all feel every time Saebyeolbe takes the stage. This collection features a hoodie, t-shirt, jean jacket, an incredibly limited edition signature bomber jacket, a scented candle and cologne, making Saebyeolbe the first-ever esports professional to have his very own signature fragrance.

SBB Hooded Sweatshirt

$100 USD - Product Details »

Saebyeolbe’s fragrance is consistent with the design of his collection, containing airy notes of tea tree and cherry blossom scents. His candle gives off a similar air of the first day spring, the time at which cherry blossoms bloom. The hoodie, t-shirt and cologne packaging feature cherry blossom backdrops along with Saebyeolbe’s signature and his name Korean, while the cherry blossom designs complement the denim and Andbox straps on the jean jacket.

The bomber jacket is inspired by the Tracer skin that features a flight jacket with a tactical vest on top. We wanted to emulate that feeling but bring the design closer to SBB himself by going back to the colors of the collection, navy and the pink color pop. We labeled this piece “Golden Edition” after Overwatch’s gold weapon skins that can be bought with competitive points because they’re exclusive and hard to get—only five pieces will be available for purchase.

SBB Bomber Jacket

$500 USD - Product Details »

Net Proceeds go to Non-Profit

Also, in honor of the selflessness and purity of SBB, all net proceeds from his collection will be going to NYC Mesh, a non-profit, community-run organization whose mission is to make high-speed internet more accessible and affordable. At Andbox, we’re committed to helping bridge the digital divide – read more about it here »

In order to not only strive to give everyone access to the digital space but enrich it, we’re also giving you wallpapers so you can take the cherry blossom-inspired designs in the SBB collection wherever you go. We hope they will serve as a reminder of the strength needed to be kind in and out of game, as well as the beauty that manifests when one accomplishes that.

SBB Limited Edition Figurines

—  $100 USD – Product Details »

We’ll be giving away Giphy sticker packs as well to give you the tools needed to spur a positive online movement. In a world where toxicity is all around us, channel your inner and outer Saebyeolbe: simply be nice, be positive, and be beautiful.


Explore the full SBB x Andbox Collection, available 5/12 »

Andbox x SBB Goodies for Download

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