Andbox X Red Bull Combo Challenge

Andbox X Red Bull Combo Challenge

The FGC in NYC is among the most dedicated and active in the world. That’s why together with Red Bull, Andbox proudly presents the Andbox x Red Bull Combo Challenge. In a year that has presented incredible challenges, together with Redbull, Andbox wants to give players from the FGC the chance to showcase their skills, their love of the genre, and have the chance to win cash prizes. Sign up HERE.

For four weeks beginning on Monday, 10/19, players located in North America will be able to submit their best combos from titles such as – Street Fighter V, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tekken 7 – for a chance to win $200 (one winner each week for a total of four winners) and one Grand Prize winner receiving $600. There will also be an “Any Category” where players can submit combos from any FGC title for their chance at $200.

Rules & Info

The COMBO CHALLENGE will be 4 weeks long with each week highlighting a different a unique title. Clips can be submitted once a day for the 7 days the contest is open per title. The winners of each week will be chosen by the panel of judges exclusively.

There will also be an “Any Category” where players can submit any combo from any FGC game. This will be open from Week 1 to the conclusion of Week 4. The winner of this will be based 50% public votes  and 50% judge’s choice.

You must live in North America in order to participate.

You must be 13 years old or older.


Steps to Enter:

  • Record your combo

  • Starting Oct 19, head to the designated contest page ( and submit VOD as an entry

    • Entries are only open for the title of the week

    • Be sure to share on social to get yours hyped up

    • You must upload to YouTube or clip on Twitch  and share the link

  • Our panel of of FGC Leaders will judge which is the best combos

    • Winner will be chosen at the end of the week for each title



Themed Weeks:

  • Week 1: Street Fighter V
    • Start with full meter
    • Combo must use V-Trigger II
    • Must be in Training mode
  • Week 2: BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
    • May be both Online and in Training Mode
    • No character restrictions
  • Week 3: Dragon Ball FighterZ
    • Start with full meter
    • Team must use Master Roshi as one of the characters on your team
    • Must be in Training Mode
  • Week 4: Tekken 7
    • Must be in Training Mode
    • Stage, meter, rage, walls, damage, characters, or lack thereof will all be taken into consideration.


  • Week 1-4: $200 Each
  • Any Category Winner: $200
  • Overall Winner: $600


  • 10/19 –  Week 1/Any Category Submissions Open
  • 10/26 – Week 1 Submissions Close/Week 2 Submissions Open
  • 11/2 – Week 1 Winner Announced/Week 2 Submissions Close/Week 3 Submissions Open
  • 11/9 – Week 2 Winner Announced/Week 3 Submissions Close/Week 4 Submissions Open
  • 11/16 – Week 3 Winner Announced/Week 4/Any Category Submissions Close
  • 11/23 – Week 4 Winner Announced/Final Prize Awarded


  • Helst
  • Anakin
  • Bace
  • Bifuteki
  • Mynus
  • Jav1ts

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