Best Echo on NYXL

Best Echo on NYXL

After months of anticipation, Overwatch finally added hero #32, Echo, a DPS robot with the ability to launch Sticky Bombs, beam opponents, fire projectiles, and has an insane ultimate that allows her to copy her opponent and quickly gain her ultimate. With a hero as unique as Echo in the ranks, we had to see which of our players was the best. So without further ado, we introduce the NYXL Echo Trials.

The Rules

  • Echo has 2x health
  • Echo regens ult at 2.5x speed
  • Every kill is one point
  • Every Echo kill is five points
  • The players who win and have the most kills advance

Round One – Echo Trials

Everyone was involved in Round One, with the exception of Nenne, who is still in New York. The players gave it their all, but only five could advance to Round Two of Echo Trials.

Round Two – Echo Trials

After an exciting first round, Jjonak, WhoRU, Anamo, Libero and Mano advanced to Round Two. But the hilarious banter and amazing plays didn’t stop there. Only two could emerge victorious, meaning two out of the top three winners with the most kills would go to the finals.

Echo Grand Finals

WhoRu Takes on Libero in the NYXL Echo Trial Finals

Not surprising, the two DPS players, both of whom have posted clips popping off with the new hero, landed in our Grand Finals. But who took home the #1 prize? Watch and find out!

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