NYXL Homestand FAQs

NYXL Homestand FAQs

Please familiarize yourself with Manhattan Center / Hammerstein Ballroom’s FAQ/policies here: https://mc34.com/faqs/

Please read through NYXL & OWL’s ticketholder policy: https://andbox.com/nyxl-ticket-info/

What time do doors open to general ticket holders?

  • 11:00AM ET

What time do doors open for VIP?

  • 10:00AM ET

Is re-entry into the venue allowed?

  • No – all exits are final
  • Please refer to Manhattan Center’s FAQ

What time do the games start?

Are other teams playing as well?

Who qualifies for VIP (early) entry?

  • Box seat holders (East Box 1, 2, 3 & West Box 1, 2, 3)
  • Weekend & Season package purchasers in VIP Balcony level (Sec. 100)
  • Enter through “VIP Registration” which is the 2nd door from the right

How do I pickup my exclusive in-game sprays?

  • A redemption card will be handed out upon entering the venue and presentation of your ticket. If you do not pick it up upon entry, you will not be able to claim it at a later time.

I purchased a season package, where do I pick up my perks?

  • Come to the “VIP Registration” table located behind the 2nd door from the right. 
  • You will pickup (a) credentials badge (b) perks tickets for meet & greet day 1 & day 2 [if applicable] (c) perks ticket to claim exclusive custom artwork
  • Please have a picture ID and your ticket ready to present
  • Take your perks ticket to the lower level to claim. Must pick up in venue before the end of the last game on Feb 9th.

I purchased “early bird” tickets, do I get any perks?

  • “Early Bird” was a pricing/seating/availability benefit
  • All perks are tied to Weekend packages, Season packages, and premium seating sections (Box seat buyers)
  • Please refer to the benefits matrix below

I’m a “Diamond VIP” where should I pick up my credentials?

  • Enter the venue on the first door on the left, pickup your badge at the top of the staircase

Who qualifies for Meet & Greet access?

  • Season pass holders in VIP Balcony (Sec. 100) or VIP Box

What time will the Meet & Greets happen and who will be there?

  • Saturday 2/8
    • Will start at the end of the last game
    • Tentative times 7-9PM (subject to change)
    • Meet & Greet will happen in the VIP Balcony Lounge
    • Participating players (subject to change):
      • Toronto – Agilities & Kariv,
        Paris – SoOn & Kruise,
        Boston – Fusions & Munchkin
        London – Glister & Krillin
        New York – SBB & Jjonak
  • Sunday 2/9
    • Scheduled for 11AM – 12PM (subject to change)
    • Meet & Greet will happen in the VIP Balcony Lounge
    • Participating players (subject to change): All NYXL & Pine

Do I need to bring my credentials badge back for the 2nd day of games?

  • Yes, badge is required for day 2 in addition to your ticket for game 2
  • Your badge is required to access to restricted areas of the venue
  • Do not lose or throw away this badge, it will not be replaced
  • You will also need to bring your ticket.

My tickets are being held at “Will Call” – what should I do

  • Come to the “VIP Registration” table
  • Have your picture ID ready to claim your ticket
  • Will Call tickets are non-transferrable, if your ID does not match our records, you will not be able to claim your tickets
  • Speak to your NYXL/Andbox contact if you have any questions

Can I bring my child? Do they need tickets? What if I have a stroller?

  • Children under the age of 2 are allowed to accompany their parent(s) and do not require tickets
  • The venue is assigned seating, so child and adult must share the single ticketed seat
  • Strollers must be checked in and stored with the venue upon entrance, they are not allowed on the seated area
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times
  • We recommend bringing protective gear (noise cancelling headphones) to protect children from sound/stage equipment

Can my (minor) child attend without adult supervision?

  • Yes, children ages 13 and up are allowed to attend without adult supervision.

Is photography allowed in the venue?  What equipment can I bring?

  • Please refer to Manhattan Center’s FAQ

What’s the policy on bags?

  • Please refer to Manhattan Center’s FAQ
  • Backpacks and purses of reasonable size are allowed

I’m coming in Cosplay and have a toy weapon, can I bring this in?

  • Please refer to Manhattan Center’s FAQ
  • Costume weapons made of soft cardboard or Styrofoam will be allowed. No large items.
  • Subject to the discretion of building’s Security Supervisor

Can we bring our own signs into the venue?

  • Yes, 10″ x 14.5″ max, only soft cardboards or construction paper
  • Please refer to Manhattan Center’s FAQ
  • There will be no sign making station @ the venue
  • We reserve the right to deny signs for inappropriateness

I have a gift for the NYXL players, can I bring it to the venue?

  • If you have access to the meet & greet, you can give it to the players directly
  • All gifts subject to screening by venue security. Oversized items, food & beverage not allowed
  • If you do not have access to the meet & greet, please email hello@nyxl.gg for PO Box info to mail the gift.

Will there be food and beverage available for purchase?

  • Yes
NYXL Homestand FAQs

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