Bridging the Digital Divide With NYC Mesh

Bridging the Digital Divide With NYC Mesh

Now more than ever the internet serves as a vital a tool for learning, connecting, working, and sharing ideas. Through our new “Be Nice” campaign, we’re encouraging all of New York during this challenging time to look out for one another and be supportive, and we will be donating 100% of our net proceeds from the new SBB Collection to NYC Mesh, a community-based non-proit whose mission is to make high-speed internet more accessible and affordable.

Connecting New York City

“Since our founding, our priority has always been to make meaningful contributions to our home market, and bring an uplifting, positive message to our fans,” said Farzam Kamel, President and Co-Founder of Andbox. “During this challenging time for our city and region it has become quite evident that high-speed internet isn’t fairly and affordably accessible, and that impacts not just access to the kind of entertainment products we offer, but to education and social communication. We are thrilled to support NYC Mesh in its efforts to make internet access affordable.”

Our award-winning consumer products team is bringing the “Be Nice” campaign to life physically through the design of the SBB Collection, launching on Tuesday, May 12. This collection is an apparel line named after and inspired by Saebyeolbe (SBB), a member of Andbox’s New York Excelsior (NYXL), New York’s first professional esports team and franchise in the Overwatch League. The SBB Collection heavily integrates visuals of cherry blossoms, a flower that blooms for a limited time every spring and symbolizes the spirit of renewal and hope.

“We are currently planning a large expansion to connect public housing in Brooklyn and the Bronx, and the money raised from this initiative will go directly to this project,” says Brian Hall, an organizer at NYC Mesh.

Beyond the SBB Collection Andbox’s “Be Nice” campaign will be brought to life via a multi-faceted digital campaign. Players will be given access to new shareable gifs, new short-form videos starring SBB will be released, and custom wallpapers will be introduced, all designed to convey a sense of positivity among gamers and esports fans. We hope you’ll support us in supporting others as we continue to pursue this issue all the way to its end.

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