Welcome Mike LaBelle

Welcome Mike LaBelle

We at Andbox are extremely proud to announce that Mike LaBelle is officially joining the Andbox family as a content creator. Mike is a multi-time FIFA national title winner, content creator and most importantly, a New Yorker. Together we will create content that all FIFA fans will love, while working to elevate the FIFA scene in New York City, showcase some of the best streamers in the metropolitan area, and above all, represent the greatest city in the world across the FIFA community that spans the globe.

“I have always shared in Andbox’s vision to grow the gaming community in New York and am proud I can now support that mission alongside them,” said Mike. “As we continue to grow and motivate new streamers and content creators, I want to be a part of that movement, to collaborate and support the wider goal.”

National Champion Living in New York

Mike has an impressive resume in the world of competitive FIFA—he’s won seven national titles, represented the United States in the FIFA Interactive World Cup, traveled across the world to play FIFA competitively and has represented New York Red Bulls since 2018. In 2016, he shifted his focus toward content creation and has since then amassed over 284,000 subscribers and 37 million views across all of his videos on YouTube, as well as 72,000 followers on Twitch. Aside from his milestones across his social platforms, Mike is also frequently tapped by EA Sports to promote new in-game features in FIFA like special pack releases, participate in broadcasts, and even had one of his original goal celebration ideas added to FIFA 14: Le Cirque LaBelle.

“Thank you to all that have supported me on my journey so far,” said Mike. “I’m glad we can take on this new opportunity together, and I’m looking forward to a long relationship with Andbox that will provide additional dynamic content for the people.”

We’ve always known Mike was right for the team, but he proved us right last Wednesday when he queued up Call of Duty: Warzone with professional US Women’s Soccer player Allie Long and our very own New York Subliners player Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto. The three had amazing chemistry and managed to snag a win on stream in hilarious fashion.

“I have always shared in growing the gaming community in New York and am proud I can now support that mission alongside Andbox."

– Mike LaBelle

Together with Mike’s help, we will showcase New York’s best FIFA streamers and raise the local community up to new heights. But Mike will not only be the face of our first creative efforts into FIFA, he will spearhead his own Andbox apparel line and leave his mark on the fashion world.

We’re beyond excited to welcome one of the biggest FIFA voices and personalities into the Andbox team. We’re honored to have Mike aboard as we take this huge step. And most of all, we hope all of our Andbox, NYXL and NYSL supporters will pop into Mike’s streams and videos to welcome him to the family.


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