Livin’ XL #1

Livin’ XL #1

“If you know sneakers and you know Los Angeles, Undefeated is synonymous with all that.” – Jimmy Gorecki, Streetwear designer and former pro skateboarder.

The world of streetwear is by no means easy to navigate, with hundreds of brands competing for attention. That’s why NYXL tapped former pro skateboarder Jimmy Gorecki for his vast knowledge in locating the best apparel around Los Angeles. With Fl0w3r, MekO and JJonak in tow, Jimmy introduced the guys to one of the great mechas for kicks, Undefeated Glendale. 

Looking for Canvas Air Force 1s? Some Nike Cortez or a Missoni Ultra Boost collab? This store runs deep with almost any style you can imagine. But which shoes will these NYXL legends choose? For Mek0, there was one pair in particular that caught his eye. 

With immaculate Yeezy 700 Runners on his feet, MekO admitted to not only their supreme comfort, but his superfandom of Kanye. As he remarked on their comfort, MekO then turned his attention to helping his teammates find their perfect pair. 

“They look like sofas for your feet.” Jjonak remarked as he pulled a pair of Jordans off the shelf. But as Jimmy pointed out, “A little chunkier is where today’s footwear climate is at.” Although the colors matched perfectly with Jjonak’s outfit, he ultimately turned his sights elsewhere. 

Exploring Undefeated Glendale further, Fl0w3r stumbled on a rack of vibrant hoodies. He pulled one off the hanger, “I only pursue unique designs.” he remarked as he pulled on the sleeves of the neon sweatshirt, “A little big, but I like it.” With hoodie on, his attention turned to  pair of green and white Jordan 1s on the shelf. Did he end up making a purchase? Watch the first full episode of Livin’ XL to see what your NYXL legends walked away with.

Livin’ XL #1

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