Let’s Go New York Game Fuel Home Series ’21

Let’s Go New York Game Fuel Home Series ’21


The Let’s Go New York Game Fuel home series ’21 is taking place from July 8th-July 11th!

The NYSL will be hosting giveaways, merch drops, local Call of Duty tournaments, a huge in-person watch party, and more throughout the week!

The week-long celebration of NYSL and New York will culminate with the OMGNYSLBBQ taking place on Sunday, July 11th from 4:00PM -10:00PM EST at Helix Esports, located at 3167 John F. Kennedy Blvd, North Bergen, NJ. The OMGYNSLBBQ will feature a live watch party of the NYSL v.s. Optic Chicago match on Sunday, along with a number of other live activities for fans!

Check out the NYSL 2021 home series cheer kit to download NYSL themed headers, wallpapers, and avatars!


The New York Subliners invite you to attend the OMGNYSLBBQ, taking place July 11th from 4:00PM -10:00PM EST at Helix Esports, located at 3167 John F. Kennedy Blvd, North Bergen, NJ. It will be the first NYSL watch party of the year that is taking place offline and in person!

The OMGNYSLBBQ event will host a number of activities, including:

  • The Game Fuel Marquee Match
  • A raffle of NYSL Gear and other items
  • A live recording of the Flank with Zooma and Ben
  • The chance to meet Aydan, Bobbyplays, and ZooMaa in-person
  • An apparel store with the latest limited-edition Subliners drops
  • Food and drinks

Entry to the event is $10 and the event is open to everyone. Each ticket will provide you with a single raffle ticket as well. The first 50 guests will receive a free item (TBA). Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Purchase your tickets here.

By attending this event you agree to the exposure and risk of COVID-19. The New York Subliners and Helix eSports/The Boulevard staff will do everything in their power to ensure a safe environment. Vaccination prior to the event is encouraged and recommended to make sure all personnel at the event are safe.

The Flank Live from the OMGNYSLBBQ

At the end of the week ZooMaa will host a special Flank Live episode from a couch at the OMGNYSLBBQ, in a first-of-its-kind event. As usual, he will also host the Flank on each match day during the homestand (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

T-Mobile Break Time Live with ZooMaa

Join ZooMaa for the T-Mobile Break Time Live during Thursday’s NYSL/LA Thieves match. Every time the match has a break moment, ZooMaa is going to go live on Instagram for trivia games and giveaways sponsored by T-Mobile!

USAA NYSL Team Pack Giveaways

USAA Insurance has partnered with NYSL to give away 800 team packs during the NYSL homestand! The packs are filled with unique in-game NYSL goodies for your Call of Duty account, including NYSL themed skins, gun skins, player cards, and more!

T-Mobile Giphy Giveaways

NYSL released a New York-inspired NYSL 2021 Giphy Sticker pack made specifically for the home series! Starting on Tuesday, July 6th, NYSL fans who use the new Gifs will be entered to win prizes in the T-Mobile Giphy Giveaways.

Astro Power Players Season 2 Grand Final

The Astro Power Players tournament Grand Final will take place on Tuesday, July 6th. Astro Power Players is a local Call of Duty tournament series sponsored by Astro and the NYSL. The Home Series Grand Final will feature a $12,000 prize pool, and the winner of the championship will earn the chance to play a pick-up match against the NYSL roster!

Game Fuel Trivia and Tee Drop

Game Fuel is sponsoring rounds of trivia on Twitter and Instagram throughout the week. The trivia questions will test participant’s knowledge of CDL, NYSL, Call of Duty history, and more! A few lucky trivia players will win a very limited edition bespoke t-shirt created by artist and illustrator Kervin Brisseaux on Tuesday, July 6th. The design celebrates NYSL and New York City itself!

Astro Gaming Listen-in Tapes Release

NYSL brought on a musician to sample the NYSL Astro Gaming Listen-Ins and remix them into music tracks.  The NYSL Astro Gaming Listen-In Tapes will drop on Wednesday, July 7th! 

Let’s Go New York Apparel Drop

On Thursday at 11:00 AM we will be releasing the Let’s Go New York apparel drop. This limited edition clothing collection is meant to celebrate New Yorks’s electricity and the entire vibe of the NYSL home series.

Scuf Gaming Borough Brawl Hosted by Helix Esports

Scuf Gaming will be sponsoring the Borough Brawl hosted by Helix Esports, starting at 11:00 AM on Sunday, July 11th. The 24-team LAN tournament is set to features $3,000 prize pull and will take place at Helix eSports in North Bergen, NJ. Teams that participate will also receive 5 passes to the NYSL Official Watch Party taking place later on Sunday.

Learn more about the Scuf Gaming Borough Brawl by visiting the event page.

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