JJonak Zen Guide
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JJonak Zen Guide

Ever had the opportunity to learn a skill from a true master of their craft? Not like this you haven’t. JJonak, the reigning Overwatch League MVP and NYXL star supporter, is ready to share his secrets for enlightened Zenyatta play. We Stepped into the Iris with the Zen God himself to learn what makes him the best of the best. You’d be wise to take notes. 

To start, let’s familiarize ourselves with Zenyatta’s abilities:

Primary Fire: Orb of Destruction – Zen’s primary attack using single shots.

Alternate Fire: Orb of Destruction – Zen’s secondary attack. Charges to release all orbs in hand.

Orb of Harmony – Launch at one ally to heal them.

Orb of Discord – Launch at one enemy to increase damage taken. (Increases damage by 50%)

Ultimate Ability: Transcendence – Become invulnerable while healing surrounding teammates.

Tip 1: Positioning

“Beginners tend to do more healing. But good players do more damage.” – JJonak

A major mistake of most new Zen players is the assumption you want to heal more than discord and damage. This one minor factor can improve your gameplay tenfold. But be wary, get caught away from your team and Zen can be easily taken out. 

Watch positioning tips here

Tip 2: Duoing

“For competitive play, I’ve gotten good results duoing with Main Tanks and sometimes DPS.” – JJonak

Duoing with a strong Main Tank or DPS can mean the difference between staying alive to build ult charge and getting cut down like warm butter. As a rule, JJonak tries to duo with Winston, “If the Winston is good, Zen will have an easy time.” So do yourself a favor and find a best friend that mains that science-forward gorilla. 

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Tip 3: Projectile Aiming

“A tip on projectile aiming…is to predict the enemies movements well and play a lot.” – JJonak

Aiming projectiles can be a tough thing to master. Even the MVP admits it’s hard to find ways to practice. There are, however, good workshops within the game that allow you to practice to your heart’s content. But the only true way to improve? Play…. A lot. 

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Tip 4: Positioning 

“In a 2-2-2 meta, since the opponent will have a lot of low HP targets, I play aggressively and flank a lot.” – JJonak

When mastering Zenyatta it’s all about playing mind games with your opponents. JJonak recommends acting like you’re playing from behind your team, only to flank and take out enemy “squishies” before attempting a team wipe. 

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Tip 5: Ultimate Usage

“When you should use [Transcendence] is when it’s hard to keep everyone alive, or to counter ults like Blade or Grav.” – JJonak

Proper ult usage and ult checking can make the difference between winning and losing the next big fight or push. If you can counter an enemy ult, you’ll be able to predict when their ultimate charges. This turns into an enormous advantage as you’ll always be one step ahead. 

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Tip 6: 1v1 Matchups

“The most important thing about Zen vs Zen 1v1 is I think how you use discord orbs.” – JJonak

In a 1v1 with an enemy Zenyatta, discord orbs are key. The first Zen to utilize this against the other will gain a massive damage advantage. Although this might seem pretty obvious it’s less so in the heat of battle. 

Watch 1v1 tips here

Tip 7: The Most Important Tip

“I think the most important tip for…” – JJonak

While we could tell you JJonak’s most important tip for God-like Zenyatta play, it’s always better coming from the MVP himself. Learn this and all the Zen master’s detailed tips by watching the full video.

JJonak Zen Guide
Experience Tranquility

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