The Jjonak x Andbox Collection

The Jjonak x Andbox Collection

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A year ago, Andbox dropped the Jjonak collection in honor of the Overwatch League’s Inaugural Season MVP, Seonghyun “Jjonak” Bang. To this day, fans have been asking, searching, and talking nonstop about wanting more Jjonak apparel. Today, they will get their wish. Introducing the Jjonak x Andbox collection.

As metas changed in Overwatch League, Jjonak had to evolve as a support player, who managed to make Ana as much a signature hero to him as Zenyatta. To symbolize this metamorphosis, Andbox’s collection gravitated toward the “healing” owl as the central design of this collection. The owl represents Jjonak as a spirit animal symbolic for the intuition and wisdom evident through his gameplay and is also featured as a mask on Ana’s iconic Snow OWL skin in Overwatch.

The owl featured front and center on the shirt, as well as throughout the collection, was created by Bioworkz, whose style is distinctive and recognizable as soon as you see it. The L.A. based graphic artist was perfect for the collection, as Jjonak’s means of playing support is just as one-of-a-kind. On the back sits Jjonak’s new logo, a pair of eyes inside round glasses similar to the style of glasses he always wears.

Jjonak Healing OWL Head Long Sleeve Tee

$40 USD - at »

The hoodie features Jjonak’s glasses logo on the front, as well as a different Bioworkz original owl design on the back—a full owl standing perched on the round rope frame. This hoodie features the signature Andbox ripstop at the back elbow, which allows for easy movement on a mousepad while gaming.

Jjonak Healing OWL Sweatshirt

$100 USD - at »

The garment is 100% Wool Cable Knit, a natural performance fiber. The signature Andbox tape trim lines the outer edges and a large owl print is emboldened on the center back. The drawstrings on the poncho are the same as the ones used in our sweatshirts to give a sporty accent to the western-themed piece.

Jjonaak Special Edition OWL Poncho

$350 USD - at »

The 1000-piece jigsaw, also featuring art by Bioworkz, is a tough but enjoyable challenge for all puzzle enthusiasts. Beautiful special art and limited box.

JJonak Bioworkz OWL Jigsaw Puzzle

$50 USD - at »

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