Subliners Game Fuel Home Series

Subliners Game Fuel Home Series

Subliners Game Fuel Home Series Kicks Off Friday, July 10th and we’re celebrating all week long.

Friday, July 10th, the New York Subliners play hometown heroes for The Subliners Game Fuel Home Series. Champs is on the line. The CITY is on the line, so you know we’ll be giving it our all.

And we can’t wait to get the hype started, which is why, from now throughout our home series—with the help of Metro and Game Fuel—we will be giving away prizes to our amazing fans who have stuck with us from day one.

Know Your Subliners
and Win Awesome Prizes

Every day starting Monday July 6, we will be asking trivia questions for a chance to win an exclusive limited edition New York Subliners T-shirt by artist Jeremyville that will only be available this week.

Make sure to tune into our Twitter every day and submit an answer for eligibility.

You Cheered for Us, We’re Cheering Back. #NYSLRULEYOURDAY

Additionally, our partnership with Metro means keeping us connected to you, the fans, has never been easier. Thanks to Metro, if you tweet cheer and support for our boys with #NYSLRuleYourDay, you will be eligible to win even more amazing prizes—including Jerseys and a brand new PlayStation 4.

Flex With Our NYSL Cheer Kit


Prove you’re a real one, and make your support stand out with our NYSL Cheer Kit. Deck your profiles out with our banners, customize your profile pic with one of our borders, and make your stream look legit with one of our custom Twitch bugs. Help us build our community by showing your NYSL pride and rooting for the team.




The Subliners want to make it easy to show your love for the team. These artist-designed Stickers are available to all everyone on Giphy. All you have to do is search for #Subliners in your IG stories, TikTok or even Snapchat. Make sure to use #NYSLRuleYourDay for a chance to win dope prizes courtesy of Metro By T-Mobile.

Even though we can’t be together in person, we’re extremely excited and thankful to use our Subliners Game Fuel Home Series as an opportunity to give back to the fans who have picked us up when we were down, cheered us on when we’re up, and been with us every step of the way. Your support is our fuel for success, and we wouldn’t be where we are without you.


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