The CDNThe3rd x Andbox Collection

The CDNThe3rd x Andbox Collection

Way before CDNThe3rd joined the Andbox family, the one thing you, The Viewage, wanted from your favorite variety-game-playing, always-entertaining, rap-battling streamer was some merchandise to represent the man and the family you all helped build. Well, we at Andbox are extremely excited to announce that we’re finally making your wishes a reality. Allow us to introduce to you—the CDNThe3rd x Andbox collection.

As a vegan himself, Ceez believes in sustainability and wanted the products in his collection to be earth-friendly wherever possible. The main theme for the Ceez collection is the idea of “world connected” because his fan base is very diverse and comes from many different places. The collection has a tight color story because Ceez mainly wears black and gravitates toward a minimalist style. Ceez really likes the combination of yellow and black, so we popped his logo in yellow throughout but kept all other colors black and white. The artwork featured across the back of the hoodie and water bottle is a proud celebration of Ceez’s community – The Viewage. The inspiration behind this artwork was rooted in designs created by: VILLA. Ceez’s signature [+] logo echos across the collection, from being front and center on the mesh hats to being incorporated seamlessly into the Andbox logo.

CDNThe3rd is never without his trucker hat, so we gave him a hat that’s truly his own. Since Ceez is such a big fan of black, we gave the hat a very clean design with only his logo popping in yellow in the front. The Andbox logo sits on the side featuring Ceez’s signature, while “Ever Upward” reads above the adjustable strap as both our mantra and an ideal by which Ceez has always lived.

Ceez Black Mesh Hat

$35 USD - at »

This hoodie features the Andbox signature ripstop at the back elbow, the smooth sleeve texture allowing for enhanced movement on a mousepad while gaming. The hoodie also features zippered pockets and rib at the side to store small belongings with a sense of security.

This T-shirt is the first we’ve ever done that features an all-over pattern. While the design has a cool look of black camo from afar, it’s actually a world map with Ceez’s logo placed throughout to reflect the idea that the entire world is connected and Ceez’s fans span the globe.

Ceez often wears a bandana under a hat, so we saw this item as something he and his fans could wear all the time. The bandana is made of 100% organic cotton and reversible, featuring a pattern he designed on one end and the other side with the Andbox logo.

If you play at 400 DPI, you’re in luck because this mousepad is BIG, per Ceez’s unique request. The mousepad is oversized at 18″x36″ and features the same design as the bandana, which is unique from industry mousepads you’d normally see.

You have to stay hydrated to game as hard as Ceez, so no surprise his collection is our first to feature a water bottle. Made by MIIR, a brand built upon sustainability and eco-friendly best practices, this water bottle features the Ceez battery with wings, as well as a nod to the bandana paisley in the art, to pull the collection together.

Ceez MIIR Water Bottle

$30 USD - at »

This is only the first wave of CDNThe3rd apparel, so if you missed out or are just hungry for more gear from your favorite streamer, tune in regularly to our website and socials for updates on future drops.

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