Welcome to NYSL Aydan

Welcome to NYSL Aydan

Andbox, New York’s flagship esports organization, announced today just days after welcoming Kevin Durant as an investor and creative partner that one of the world’s most successful Call of Duty: Warzone player’s, Aydan “Aydan” Conrad, will be joining them as the org’s first-ever dedicated Warzone player as part of its New York Subliners (NYSL) team in the Call of Duty League. This is the latest major star to join Andbox. In addition to Kevin Durant,  Call of Duty Mobile content creator BobbyPlays (658K subscribers on YouTube) joined us in late February. 

Highest Earning Warzone Player of All Time

Warzone is a free-to-play game that surpassed more than 85 million players since it launched in 2020, and Aydan is the top earning Warzone player of all-time in terms of tournament prize money, consistently winning tournament after tournament. While gaming and esports are both digitally-led forms of entertainment, having an organization that felt like the right place to call “home” was important to Aydan, and that was a key factor in lead him to select Andbox and the NYSL.

The New York Tri-State area is the country’s largest market and a global hub of media, marketing, youth culture, fashion and sports. Before Andbox’s arrival it had been largely overlooked by gaming and esports, but that’s now changed as stars like Kevin Durant and Aydan call the organization home.

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