Brian Alcazar Joins Andbox

Brian Alcazar Joins Andbox

The Andbox family proudly welcomes lifestyle photographer, producer, and video game developer Brian Alcazar, aka “1st”, to the team as our official artist-in-residence. Brian has been telling the New York and gaming story through his artwork for years, and we can’t wait to join forces in order to help him continue to do so, starting with a new series that will bring to life the incredible, unexplored stories and personalities that make the gaming and esports scene in New York City so powerful and unique.

“Being a native New Yorker, an OG gamer and around the clock creative, I’m looking to bring a fresh perspective to gaming and streetwear, particularly in NYC,” said Brian. “New Yorkers are a different breed. I’m here to help cement that.”

A Born & Bred New Yorker

Born and raised in Queens, Brian has always been passionate about video games, from playing in the Nintendo World Championships as a kid to offering his artistic brilliance to some of the biggest video games in the world. As a game developer for Rockstar Games, Brian had a hand in “Grand Theft Auto V,” one of the best-selling games of all time, and continues to work for the famous game publisher throughout many of their top projects.

Aside from his gaming background, Brian is an acclaimed photographer and producer mostly known for his intimate street captures from NYC and beyond. Brian has been involved in campaigns and shot content with Nike, Puma, Vice, the list goes on. His quality photography has earned him industry-wide notoriety, as well as hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram.

“New Yorkers are a different breed. I'm here to help cement that.”

– Brian Alcazar

We will be tapping into Brian’s keen eye for everything apparel as well, including his very own clothing line that will represent all for which Brian has come to be known.

“Anything is possible. The universe is constantly giving us signs, but it’s up to you to recognize them and make the most of every opportunity that presents itself,” said Brian. “If you’re passionate about what you do, stay the course, no matter what obstacles come your way. Life is a video game. Some levels are tough as hell but the reward at the end will be that much greater.”

We are always looking to aim higher in everything we do, and we have no doubt Brian will help us achieve those new heights. Please join us in welcoming Brian to the team.

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