Best Ways to Make Coins in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

Best Ways to Make Coins in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

In our first episode of Mike LaBelle’s new show Closing ‘Belle, Mike goes into some of the best ways to make coins in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. With the help of FUT Trading Expert Sean Eubanks, aka Elyyt, LaBelle digs into some of the gritter methods of coin-building, while also going into some more advanced techniques that require bigger budgets. Here are the five best ways to make coins in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

The Bronze Method

With Squad Building Challenges manipulating the bronze market into selling cards for hundreds—sometimes thousands—buying bronze packs have become an extremely viable strategy for accruing coins. They’re low cost, meaning low risk, and have the potential for high turnover if you are vigilant about when certain cards are in demand. It’s a gritty process, but it’s one that will do the least damage to your wallet.

The 123 Method

This method is a trademark of Elyyt’s, and we were extremely lucky to have him on to explain it to us. Basically what this method consists of is going into the transfer market and setting your search parameters to gold players, picking a high-tier league (La Liga, Serie A, Premier League) and setting your minimum price filter to 1,000, your max price filter to 2,000 and your minimum buy now filter to 3,000. What you do is place a bid on every card within these parameters that already has a bid on it, signaling that this card has demand. You’ll usually win a few that can be flipped for an average of 1000-2000 coins. This method can be done every day, though you should shoot for around when new SBCs are released. A lot of the time, you could be buying a card for 1500 coins that sells for 4000 to 5000.

Never Quick Sell Your Gold Players

More of a rule of thumb than a trading method, but important to know nonetheless—never quick sell your gold players. Even your worst gold player can be reliably sold at around 500 coins under the right economic climate, so they are always worth relisting on your transfer market. Quick selling, while easier, won’t get you the most bang for your buck. Kind of like when you would go to Gamestop, sell a childhood’s worth of games, only to be told your collection is worth $35.

Invest in 84-88 Rated Players During TOTS Rollout

Team of the season is FIFA’s biggest rollout of the year, as extremely overpowered players get introduced to the market. The result of this is the existing gold versions of these players drop dramatically, making them a great investment. With all the hype normally geared toward these players going toward their beefed-up TOTS counterparts, you can either field yourself a strong, reliable squad for cheap or sell high if you expect them to be included in TOTS, allowing you to buy back in at a much lower price point.

Sell on Thursdays

With Team of the Week drops on Wednesdays and Weekend League starting Fridays, Thursday gets sandwiched in between these two weekly events and becomes an extremely active day for trading in the FUT world. It’s extremely important that you maximize your selling potential while the market is active, meaning relisting all your players that were previously on the market, selling players you might suspect can fetch you more coin, and even flipping players who might be going for cheaper as a result of an impatient seller. Make sure you hop on and make your moves on Friday eve.

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