Best Overwatch Workshop Modes

Best Overwatch Workshop Modes

With the introduction of Overwatch Workshop Mode, came new and creative ways to enjoy Blizzard’s beloved FPS. People have made Overwatch into a racing game, a battle royale, and more with the new flexible mode. And it’s not just the casual player base that’s enjoying this freedom, Overwatch League team NYXL is loving it too. Here are some of the team’s favorite Overwatch Workshop Game modes and the codes to play them.

Among Us: 6C777

The game sweeping Twitch by storm is now playable on Overwatch. There are a series of tasks for crewmates to do, as well as a map and a meeting board identical to the game you know and love. Sus out the two imposters with your fellow crewmates before they eliminate everyone on the ship.

Battle Royale: JWY47

Everyone loves a good battle royale, and rather than wait for Blizzard to put one out, you can turn your favorite FPS into one. Protect your only life as the map closes in on you and eliminate everyone you see until you’re the last person standing!

Rialto Parkour: A7PYB

In this mode, you start out as Ashe and have to make your way to the main floor. There you will see a bunch of blocked off spaces, as well as some characters who are yet to be accessible. Your mission is to get to the end of Rialto by unlocking some of the characters available who will help you along the way. Characters include Hanzo, Reinhardt, Sombra, and more. Best of luck to you.

Junkertown Frogger: 96C16

In the spirit of the 1980’s game “Frogger,” Overwatch Workshop’s Frogger requires you to make it from one end of the map to the other in a straight line as you try to dodge obstacles coded into the game to make a normally easy path much harder. When you get through the course with one character, you are given another until you’ve gone through every one the creators have programmed for you. More mobile heroes will be easier to maneuver than others, so don’t get cocky when you speed through the course with Genji, because you may have to do it with Orisa next.

Avengers Deathmatch: M3KAP

In the spirit of Marvel’s Avengers, five Infinity Stones are placed throughout Château Guillard and each grant a different upgrade: Soul Stone heals 16 health every second, Time Stone increases speed (+35%), Space Stone increases jump height (+50%), Mind Stone reduces damage you receive (35%), the Reality Stone deals 16 damage to nearby enemies every second, and the Power Stone increases base damage(50%). The object of the game is to play out deathmatch, collect all the stones, and then run out the timer without dying.

Thomas the Tank Engine: 6XMR0

Reinhardt lovers rejoice! The armored crusader now bears the likeness of popular kid’s show main character Thomas the Tank Engine…and he’s out for blood. One player is randomly selected as Thomas while the others try to stay alive. Thomas is equipped with a deadly Fire Strike and charges at mach speed. Watch out for his mean eyebrows so you know when to strike.

Connect Four: ZE7Z7

No better way to relax, unwind, and kill time in between matches than some easy-going Connect Four. The object of the game is simple: first person to get four of their pieces in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, wins. It’s your childhood all over again!

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