Best Esports Hoodies Out Right Now

Best Esports Hoodies Out Right Now

Esports, much like the skateboarding or punk rock scene, is the newest counter-culture breaking into the mainstream fashion industry. As a result, many esports organizations also have extensive apparel lines, including NRG, Faze Clan, 100 Thieves, and Andbox. Some celebrities have even been spotted wearing clothes from esports orgs and pieces are beginning to re-sell for a hefty price tag.

Of the many pieces of clothing making their rounds in the industry, hoodies are some of the biggest statement pieces to emerge. Our No Signal hoodie, a collaboration with Champion, has been extremely sought after since release and there are more where that came. So without further ado, here are some of the drippiest hoodies in the game right now.

Andbox No Signal Hoodie

The No Signal design is the flagship piece of Andbox’s extensive apparel collection. It’s symbolic of the streetwear vibe of New York and the cool grittiness the organization brings to everything it does. This style is not just reflected in apparel, but you will often see it in graphics and announcement videos published by the brand. First worn by early NYXL players like Jjonak and Saebyeolbe, the No Signal hoodie is Andbox’s most recognizable piece to date. Currently sold out, look to the organization’s shop for restock. As Andbox continues to grow in audience and popularity, so will the demand for this hoodie.

NYSL Hoodie

The NYSL MARKSMAN SWEATSHIRT 90%/10% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton 315 gram heavier sweatshirt. Very soft hand. Waterbased screenprint logo. With Clayster on NYSL and the team securing a Top 3 finish in their first major, look for this stylish product to fly off the shelves.

Jjonak OWL Hoodie

The Overwatch League’s inaugural season MVP and most popular support player in the league, Jjonak released his own signature collection in 2020 covered in owl designs both as an homage to the Overwatch League’s abbreviation and to his adaptation of the game’s support character Ana. The owl featured front and center on the shirt, as well as throughout the collection, was created by Bioworkz, whose style is distinctive and recognizable as soon as you see it.

1st Orange Camo Hoodie

This sweatshirt is made from soft cotton fabric to support your everyday look with a modern twist. Special touches such as a nylon sleeve patches on the back of the lower arm reduce drag and friction as you game. A special Andbox/1ST Velcro embroidered patch and articulation near the elbow allows for more ergonomic movement. Brian’s passion for video games goes back to his childhood when his brother noticed his knack for games and took him to compete in the Nintendo World Championships. He followed his passion and made it into a career when he signed on to Rockstar Games as a developer for them, helping them with titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2.

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