Battle of the Boroughs is Bigger Than Ever

Battle of the Boroughs is Bigger Than Ever

The hugely successful regional Fortnite tournament Battle of the Boroughs is back…and it’s bigger than ever.

Beginning October 21, players from the NY metro area can sign-up to again compete for local bragging rights, a $50,000 prize pool, and a shot at redemption after Long Island emerged victorious from the inaugural Battle in July. Except this time, it’s every person for themselves in a solos format. All of the key details, including dates and information on the prize pool, can be found here

Andbox Battle of the Boroughs featuring Fortnite has expanded, with Connecticut residents eligible to compete in addition to players from Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, Long Island, Upstate New York, and New Jersey.

Players will compete as individuals in one of nine groups, with each group made up of residents from one of these nine regions.

Important Dates

  • October 21: Registration Open
  • November 3: Registration Closes
  • Nov 6-8: Regional Qualifiers:
  • Nov 14th: Regional Finals
  • Nov 20th: Grand Finals:

Tournament Format

  • Stage 1 – Regional Qualifiers
    • Participants will be able to qualify for the next stage (Regional Finals) by competing against other players in their particular Region to earn one of the 100 qualification spots into the Regional Finals (Stage 2)
  • Stage 2 – Regional Finals
    • Nine total Regional Finals (1 for each nine defined competitive regions)
    • Top 100 players in each competitive region compete to score the most points across 4 Arena matches.
    • Top teams awarded entry into Grand Finals (Stage 3)
  • Stage 3 – Grand Finals
    • Top 100 players across each of the Regions compete to score the most points across 8 matches to crown the Champion.
    • Each Region guaranteed to qualify a minimum of 3 players for the Grand Finals
    • Number of finalists from each Region will be proportionate to the number of registered participants in their Region.

Solos Scoring

  • Each elimination: 5 points
  • Final Placement (points):
    • 1st: 60 2nd: 53
    • 3rd: 49
    • 4th: 47
    • 5th: 46
    • 6th: 45
    • … 50th 1
  • Prizing
    • Regional Finals ($4,500 per lobby, $18,000 total))
      1st: $1200
      2nd: $550
      3rd: $500
      4th: $450
      5th: $400
      6th – 12th: $200Grand Finals ($32,000 total)
      1st: $5,000
      2nd: $3,500
      3rd: $3,100
      4th: $2,600
      5th: $2,000
      6th: $1,750
      7th: $1,500
      8th: $1,250
      9th: $1,000
      10th: $800
      11th – 15th: $400
      16th – 20th: $300
      21th – 30th: $250
      31th – 40th: $200
      41th – 50th: $150*Payment will be handled by Epic Games.

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