New Season. New Apex.
New Season. New Apex.

New Season. New Apex.

With the dawning of season 2, questions of the Apex Legend’s ability to build upon its success had been circulating across game forums and social media. Disappointment amongst the community for a lackluster season 1 drove player numbers down as people waited to see what Respawn and EA had in store. Studio heads, it seems, have listened to fans, delivering a season 2 experience with a revamped map, new hero (Watson), more legendary battle pass items and weapon changes that will certainly shift play-style. 

As the season dropped, Andbox was present at an Apex Legends Season 2 launch party hosted by 368 with some of the game’s top Twitch streamers; bringing dizzy, oMaGicZ, Diegosaurs and Faith together to experience it with fans. While they played, the reaction was unified across the board as guests reaffirmed their excitement for the game. 

A revamped map introduces a storyline to the Apex world, unleashing Leviathans (massive creatures that destroyed portions of the map) and Flyers (dragon-like beasts that can carry loot boxes) upon Kings Canyon. Their presence is also tied to Watson’s introduction to the game. 

“At first glance, it’s pretty good. It looks fun with the new map [changes]. I’m looking forward to playing it when I get back home.” – dizzy

But beyond the updated map, players can now experience ranked play. This new mode pits gamers against others closer to their skill level for a more balanced experience.

“If you’re just starting out in a first person battle royale shooter it’s really friendly…especially with the new ranked mode. You can be Bronze IV and brand new to shooters and you’ll play against people your skill level. Or you can be like [Diegosaurs] and be Apex Predator and play against the very best.” – Faith

One of the game’s most disruptive additions are the changes to less-used weapons like the Mozambique, P2020, RE-45 and Alternator. 

“So far the [new patch] has been amazing. So many parts of the map were changed, it looks visually stunning. So many new attachments for guns that people thought were trash that now make them amazing. So, new metas are gonna form and I can’t wait to go home and play it for 12 hours.” – Diegosaurs

And finally, the biggest change requested by fans was a complete overhaul of the battle pass. This season makes it easier for players to advance through levels so they can gain even more legendary content than season 1. 

“The battle pass looks revamped [with] a whole lot more content. Overall the game feels a little better, so the future’s looking nice for Apex.” – oMaGicZ

All of this content and clear communication with the devs has been a breath of fresh air. If Apex Legends continues on this path of listening to its community, the future certainly looks bright for this budding battle royale. One thing’s for sure, we can’t wait to squad-up and see what’s new in season 2. 

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