Introducing Andbox

Introducing Andbox

With the addition of a top-tier Overwatch League team, NYXL, New York gaming has been on the verge of exploding beyond the boundaries of the city. Now, as the Big Apple braces for its first professional Call of Duty team, a new brand looks to transform the way people experience gaming culture in NYC, and the world, forever. Introducing Andbox, the home of New York’s premier esports teams in the Overwatch and Call of Duty Leagues. 


…in their first seasons of Activision Blizzard’s Overwatch League (The team held a league-best record in 2018 as well as the overall MVP), the powers that be decided to grace NYC with their next professional team competing in the CoD League.

A major reason for this? New York has some of the most passionate, creative and dedicated fans in the world. Support for NYXL since they were established has grown exponentially, giving rise to a new culture of celebrating esports in the city.

“We’ve received a tremendous amount of support from our fans, but we recognize that New Yorkers – and gamers everywhere – are still hungry for a deeper, more meaningful connection to esports,”

– Andbox co-founder Scott Wilpon



…has had a bustling gaming scene supporting a vibrant community of gamers from every background imaginable, the community has been scattered, taking it upon themselves to gather their base through grassroots events and watch parties of their own. Andbox aims to unite and empower these fans, giving them access to elevated experiences like never before through premium, relevant partnerships and exclusive content.

“In New York, we have a unique opportunity to grow and unite the gaming community both on a local and global stage, and we’re confident that Andbox will continue to raise the bar by celebrating gamers on a scale rarely seen in this industry,”

– Andbox co-founder Rohit Gupta

Andbox also serves a greater purpose beyond uniting esports fans.

By bringing the spirit of New York gaming to the masses, Andbox is breaking gaming stigmas to harbor a new culture to the mainstream. Through exclusive events, regular drops of game-changing streetwear apparel for gamers, and exclusive content that explores every corner of the gaming world, Andbox aims to reinvent the identity of an entire community.

Introducing Andbox

Today’s gamers are a fairly stigmatized group as they’re thrown into social categories they might not associate with. The reality is that gamers are more than the games they play. They’re chefs, designers and athletes. They code the websites we use and build the houses we live in. Andbox gives a voice to the unique individuals of this community, serving as the home of the Gamer Slash...

Beginning with the drop of an exclusive streetwear collection by CFDA Award winning designer Maxwell Osbourne, Andbox is looking to make noise in the fashion scene with additional partnerships with New Era, Champion, Undefeated and more. You can check out the first exclusive AB001 Collection from Andbox.

With new events added to their calendar weekly, it’s easy to miss a watchparty or gear drop. Stay up-to-date on all that Andbox is doing by following them on social or subscribe using your email.

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