Andbox Expands Further Into Mobile Esports as it Establishes Its First-Ever Mobile Team

Andbox Expands Further Into Mobile Esports as it Establishes Its First-Ever Mobile Team

NYSL Mayhem will Represent New York Esports in Call of Duty: Mobile

New York’s flagship esports organization Andbox is continuing to be an early mover in the mobile space as it announces today the first-ever professional mobile esports team that will represent it. The team previously known as Trovo Mayhem, which competes in Call of Duty: Mobile, will now become part of Andbox and be known as the NYSL Mayhem. The NYSL are the first Call of Duty League franchise to have a team also representing it in Call of Duty: Mobile, and the NYSL Mayhem are Andbox’s fourth team in as many esports, all of which represent the New York market.

“Call of Duty: Mobile is a massively popular game globally and it was important for us to establish a team to represent New York given the size of the market, our leadership position in it, and our existing deep roots in the Call of Duty franchise across all platforms,” said Rohit Gupta, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Andbox. “Our presence in mobile gaming and esports puts us in a strong position to engage an even wider, diverse audience of consumers which in-turn provides brands and marketers with a clear point of entry to this increasingly valuable space.”

Andbox has long recognized that the mobile gaming and esports landscape represents a significant growth opportunity. The introduction of the NYSL Mayhem builds on its move earlier this year when it brought BobbyPlays, a leading Call of Duty: Mobile content creator, into the organization. 

As part of Andbox, the NYSL Mayhem will now have access to the full resources of New York’s flagship esports organization, including the NYSL’s coaching staff, content and marketing team, and more. 

Follow the NYSL Mayhem on Twitter @MobileMayhemGG.

NYSL Mayhem Active Roster

PlayerCorey Brown@Codmspace
PlayerDaniel Hernandez Valadez@nero_ysl
PlayerBrian Michel@_Tectonic_
PlayerRoland k Byambasuren@LittleB_inV
PlayerMichael Joshua Bush@ClashySZN
PlayerManuel Aman Arce Manag@SaxyCODM
PlayerScotty Bravo@LeonCODM

NYSL Mayhem Organization

AnalystWasiq Khawar@Quwasiq
AnalystKaicheng Li@path.exe
ManagerFabian Flores@MadeOverHeaven
CoachDarian Abreu@DarianZIM

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