Andbox Evolutions: Mano

Andbox Evolutions: Mano

Andbox Evolutions gives you a deeper look into the lives of NYXL players. From reflections on early family life, their professional journey and the future of the team, get to know the competitors that make NYXL more than just an elite esports crew. 

In this episode we speak with Mano, NYXL’s versatile Main Tank, as he shares stories and insights from early childhood struggles, the hardships of leaving friends for a new country, and the mental fortitude needed to be a main pillar for the team.

“When I first came to the U.S., I really missed home. I thought about Korea a lot.”

In his early years, Mano struggled with discipline. Occasionally stealing from his grandmother, his family began to reprimand him more often. As he grew older, he realized how negative his actions had become and decided to shift his ways. From then on, he’s gone out of his way to be the best person he can be. 

Taking the lessons learned from early childhood, Mano brought his mental fortitude to the U.S. as he began his professional gaming career. While he struggled initially with leaving his friends and family, he found a network of support in teammates and a new circle of friends. Now he applies his newfound strength of mind as the linchpin Main Tank on the team. 

“My position on the team is Main Tank. That means I lead the team and call the shots. The Main Tank is one of the pillars of the team, so I must never tilt mentally.”

Known around the world for his ability to play both Reinhardt and Winston at the professional level, Mano continues to rack up highlights as one of the leagues best tanks. Looking forward to the future of NYXL, Mano is constantly looking at ways to improve himself and his gameplay. He had this to say to his fellow tanks in Overwatch League:

“I wanted to leave a word of advice to contender tanks. Of course it’s good to have confidence, but I always play with the attitude of wanting to learn more. So always respect your opponents.”

One thing’s for sure, if Mano was giving me advice on Overwatch tank play, I’d sure as hell listen closely. Hear these words of wisdom and more insights from Mano himself in the full Andbox Evolutions: Mano. 

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